This stage is Quest 18 (PSP) or 19 (360, PC) in the Hero 30 mode of Half Minute Hero. It is reached by completing the previous quests Grail and Evil Lord or Avalanche Pass. Beating this quest leads to Great Plains and yields the Raincoat Mail.


Duty Bound
After becoming >Evil, fight no more standard battles.
White Hunter
After becoming >Evil, fight at least for more standard battles.

Level Guide

Standard Run
There are no monsters immediately accessible in this quest; the starting area contains no battles. From the start move directly north, passing two villages to reach a cave that will provide a key. There is a second cave east of the midpoint between the villages which needs this key to provide access to another portion of the map where monsters can be fought.
These monsters provide high amounts of experience and only 3-4 fights are needed to become >Evil. By leaving the area immediately, the title Duty Bound will be given. Alternatively by fighting at least 4 more battles here before confronting Evil Lord Kelvinim the White Hunter title will be given. Being mutually exclusive these need separate runs.
A unique challenge in this quest is the reduction in gold available; it starts with 100 which is enough for a single time refill unless healing is used to fuel dashing. As the Crimson Edge costs 450 gold and the Scale Mail 400, it can become difficult to afford them alongside time refills. It is simpler to purchase one each in separate runs.
Speed Run
Use equipment with high Attack and Defense. Dash to the northern village, then use the starting money to buy two herbs (using one immediately). Then attack the Evil Lord directly, using the second herb to finish the quest in approximately 25 seconds.
Alternatively, walk to the northern cave, then dash through it to get the key and dash back to the southern village. Heal with food, then walk to the monster resort and fight 3 times. Immediately dash to the northern village, buying two herbs (using one immediately) before attacking the Evil Lord. This method can also finish within 30 seconds.

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