Village in Danger is the eighth quest of the "Hero 30" mode of Half Minute Hero. It is the final quest along the north route that follows quest 4: "Fire Starter."

Level 8: Village in Danger
Title 1: Town Savior Complete the quest with the village intact.
Title 2: Kind Heart Help the Sidekick get medicine for the Big Guy from the Scholar's camp.
Evil Lord Evilo
Companion None
Reward Loincloth from the Big Guy

Level Guide

Standard Run: Both titles can be achieved in a single run. Fight around until you have 300G and buy the Rapier. Dash south to the tent and talk to the Sidekick. Dash northwest and enter the tent, talk to the Scholar and receive the Medicine. Return to the Sidekick and give the Big Guy Medicine for the Kind Heart title. Head back to the destroyed village and pray to restore it. Heal up and head through the cave in the southwest. Dash to the castle and dash through the battle to receive the Town Saviour title. You will be "rewarded" with a Loincloth. The north route is now finished meaning you can either move on as normal or head back to the "Fire Starter" stage and take the south route.

Speed Run: Achieving the target time of 30 seconds can be very tough for this level. Start by getting the medicine and giving it to the man in the south (make sure you buy an Herb in the village). Dash across the bridge and start walking to the castle. You should be around level 8 by the time you get through the cave and you should have about 6 seconds to defeat the boss. Keep dashing and heal with the Herb and if you are lucky you should have literally a second when the battle ends.

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