Half Minute Hero Speed run Quest 5 north

Half Minute Hero Speed run Quest 5 north

Through the Forest is the fifth level of the "Hero 30" mode of Half Minute Hero. It is accessible along the north path after completing "Fire Starter" by stopping the forest fire.
Level 5: Through the Forest
Title 1: Solo Trekker Complete the level without Richard and Robin
Title 2: Lonely Hire Richard, attempt to enter the enemy castle and then drop Richard off at the second village
Evil Lord Madwood
Companion Richard and Robin
Reward Comfy Sandals from the Village Chief

Level Guide

Standard Run: This level is quite simple but if you are going for titles you will require two playthroughs. Start by amassing 150G and purchasing the Logger's Axe in the first village. Amass more money until you can purchase an Herb and a Buckler. If you want Richard to join you you must pay 300G. Fight in the forest until you acrue that amount and hire Richard. Cross the bridge and head to the enemy castle. Just before the battle begins, Richard will request that you drop him off at the village. Do just that and you will recieve the Lonely title. Make sure you are at least level 8 and defeat the boss. You will recieve a pair of Comfy Sandals for your troubles.

Speed Run: The target time for this stage is 35 seconds. You will also recieve the Solo Trekker title along with this speed run, as hiring Richard takes too much time for a speed run. Amass enough money for all the equipment and an Herb. Get to around level 5 and head across the bridge. Heal up at the second village and dash straight to the enemy castle and all through the battle. If you made no mistakes, you should finish just under the 35 second limit.