On the PC version, this level is bugged and cannot be completed using NEO Cartoon graphics mode. Before attempting to play it, switch to the Retro graphics mode.

This stage is Quest 26, and is exclusive to the 360 and PC versions of the Hero 30 mode of Half Minute Hero. It is reached by completing the previous quest Treasure Land after finding the time gem. Finishing this quest leads to Time Destroyer.

Many allies from previous quests can return and join Hero automatically at the start of the quest, if they have been recruited before. Listed here in the order they join, using the 360 and PC quest names and numbers as this quest is not on the PSP version:

Companion Quest
Scorpio 25. Treasure Land
Cecilia 5. Fire Starter
Karen 17. To the Snowy Country
Elena 20. Nun and the Devil
Sebastian 22. Giant Evil Lord
Donovan 11. Bandit Valley
Dain 15. Mummy Desert
Catherine 25. Swamp and Witch
Natalie 16. Flower in the Dusk
Hank 14. Battle Ocean
Richard & Robin 5. Through the Forest
Barbara 8. Infinite Desert
Rex 15. Lizardman Nation

Although present and speaking in the introduction, Robin the wolf does not actually seem to be present during the battles.

The Allies marker for this quest will always appear as "Incomplete", which may be intentional considering the conclusion of the quest or simply a bug.


Bond of Alliance
Defeat the Niedenburg.
Defeated Hero
Always awarded.

Level Guide

It is impossible to reach most of the areas that are shown on the map; this is because the map reappears in a future quest where the remaining areas become accessible. Here rocks are placed on land to make the quest linear, and although the Swimmer Ring enables passage over water, Hero is mysteriously unable to return to land anywhere past the rocks.
Standard Run
Most of the quest will be spent mobbing standard battles with your sudden army. Proceed west and then north toward the castle of Evil Lord Hol. There are five choke points guarded by simple Skull Knight and Sabertooth Tiger enemies. Clearing the first three of these provides access to the northern town with food and a Time Goddess statue.
Defeating the remaining guard enemies makes the castle accessible. It also makes Niedenburg appear to the east of the northern village. As a dragon with insurmountable stats, the only way to defeat it is by equipping the Dragon Lance. Doing so yields Balmung, the incredibly strong weapon found in Another Goddess in the PSP version. It also means the Bond of Alliance title will be awarded at the end of the quest.
Approaching the castle leads to a series of events that will finish the quest, always awarding the Defeated Hero title. Additionally on the PC version, the boss fight unexpectedly counts for the Oy, to ne vecher achievement.
Speed Run
The army means that most battles are straightforward; immediately proceed toward the castle, ignoring the towns. Dash for a few steps before each fight as Elena will heal Hero slightly. Also dash when entering the castle and its fight. The quest should be completed in around 25 seconds.

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