This stage is Quest 24 (PSP) or 25 (360, PC) in the Hero 30 mode of Half Minute Hero. It is reached by completing the previous quests Turtle and Hermit. Beating this quest leads to Isolated Castle and yields the Bloody Axe.


Meet the Witch and the Hermit.
Step into five puffs.

Level Guide

Standard Run
The quest introduction displays a group of puffs in the swamp. These will keep Hero in place for 3 steps before he can move away. Stepping into these 5 times will result in the Careless title being awarded at the end of the quest.
Spend the beginning of the quest gaining a few levels, also buying the Bronze Shoes if desired. Then travel to the north-west of the map. 1 space south and 5 west of the dead tree (directions provided in-quest by the island hut), there is a hidden spot where you can find Catherine the witch who will join and remove the puffs guarding Evil Lord Mazlang's castle.
After Catherine joins, a location at the south-east of the map will sparkle; move there to find the Sage Hermit from the previous quest, who will gift you the Sage's Staff and help Catherine transform some of the swamp into land to make passage to the castle easier. Meeting the Hermit also means the Romance title will be given.
Speed Run
Can be done in one of two ways: Start by quickly grinding 2-4 battles making sure to dash during the battle; the swamp gives more experience and can be used from the first battle by moving just one space east and then directly north. At level 8+, heal and buy an herb.
Ignore Catherine and move directly to the castle, dashing sporadically through the map. Dash constantly to get through the puffs; this is faster than recruiting Catherine to get rid of them, and the witch (without her good staff, which there is not enough time to acquire) does not add enough damage to help during the boss. The herb should last until part-way through the fight, and the quest should be completed around level 12 in approximately 27 seconds.

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