Larrie GR

Larrie is the leader of the Bandit Trio and is a minor recurring antagonist throughout the Hero 30 mode. He is characterized as immature and selfish in addition to possessing a volatile temper. He is first encountered on quest 4: Fire Starter in which he sets the forest that is home to the elves on fire in order to combat his pollen allergies. Cecilia's companion attempted to stop himbut was defeated. Larrie hods a grudge against the Hero after he locates and defeats him. He is encountered for the second time during quest 8: Change the Current, where he and Mo are overcharging the villagers for food after Cully stopped all food shipments. However after the Hero stops this plan Larrie seems relieved, as he prefers stealing and fighting to scamming. He then tries to encourage the Hero to buy the overpriced Golden Scudetta.


  • He is first introduced as 'Brat.'
  • He is named after Larry Fine of the Three Stooges. However, unlike Larry, he is the leader of the trio.

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