This stage is Quest 25 (PSP) or 26 (360, PC) in the Hero 30 mode of Half Minute Hero. It is reached by completing the previous quest Swamp and Witch. Beating this quest leads to Grand Wings and yields the Prince Crown.


Allow all bridges to be destroyed.
Bridge Lover
Keep at least one bridge safe.

Level Guide

Standard Run
The castle of Evil Lord Dantes can be found on an island in the middle of the map; as the timer decreases, more of the regular bridges leading to the island become destroyed. At around 10 seconds left they are all destroyed which triggers the Bridge-adier title upon completion of the quest even if they are restored by rewinding time.
The southern bridge is not a regular bridge; it is controlled by Evil Lord Dantes and does not get destroyed, but it needs completion of a sidequest to be used. In order to do so, the Thunder Hat must be found in the north-west corner of the map. However, it is guarded by a strong enemy.
In the north-east of the map is a cave that leads to a village with a Power Up Meal that lasts 15 seconds. This can be used to defeat the strong monster, allowing access to the castle. The Thunder Hat also provides immunity to Dantes' lightning during the battle itself.
Alternatively, Dantes can be defeated normally by rewinding time and crossing an undamaged bridge. Doing so and finishing the level quickly enough will award the Bridge Lover title; as such both can be earned in the same run.
If she was previously recruited in Infinite Desert, Barbara can be found in the eastern village and hired again for 250 gold.
Speed Run
Dash to the eastern village, stopping to eat food there. After leaving, walk toward the north-eastern cave, fighting one battle to level up. Then enter the cave and do not dash in the ensuing battle. After emerging, dash to the tent, buy the Power Up Meal. Then return through the cave and immediately dash into the castle using the northern bridge. The Power Up Meal is enough to see Dantes defeated at level 8-9 in approximately 17 seconds.
This is an ideal time to earn the Bridge Lover title, by rewinding time in the northern village prior to attacking the castle none of the bridges will be destroyed when the quest is completed.

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