This stage is Quest 28 (PSP) or 29 (360, PC) in the Hero 30 mode of Half Minute Hero. It is reached by completing the previous quest Farewell Bandit Trio. Beating this quest leads to Cursed Hero and yields the White Horse.


Sword Keeper
Obtain both the Giant's Axe and the Sea Spear.
Sword Killer
Obtain neither the Giant's Axe or the Sea Spear.

Level Guide

Standard Run
The quest is fairly straightforward; the castle is at the north of the map and there are villages in the west, east and south along with a tent in the centre. The southern village sells the Holy Guard shield for 750 gold. There are also two weapons in this level which serve as the quest's main point of interest.
The Giant's Axe can be bought in the western village for 5000 gold; in order to get the money, there is a cave in the north-west of the map with a Volcanosaur and chests containing 4500 gold. The Sea Spear can be received in the eastern village after defeating a Megalodon found in the rocky area in the middle of the north-eastern sea. Both fights can be won safely around level 10.
The two weapons have identical Attack, but the Sea Spear is stronger as it has 30 more Hit so it may help to get the Axe first but should not matter. When the timer reaches 15:00, Evil Lord Francisca will take them if you do not already possess them, although rewinding time reverts this. Obtaining both of these weapons will award the Sword Keeper title at the end of the quest.
There are no barriers to the castle, however Francisca has variable difficulty. If Hero does not obtain each of the weapons, the Evil Lord will be holding them for the fight instead. This dramatically raises her damage and requires the weapons to be destroyed before Francisca can be damaged. Destroying the weapons removes their damage boost, and destroying both provides the Sword Killer title.
Speed Run
Ignore the other weapons and simply grind, dashing through every battle as Syldonix prevents dash damage. After four fights visit the tent south of the castle to heal and buy a herb, then dash into Francisca's castle. Use the herb to finish the quest at level 11 in around 15 seconds. This method also provides the Sword Killer title.

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