Goddess Room Description

"Completely heals the Hero's HP."

Goddess Room screenshot


Heals all of your HP instantly. Use it by pressing square.


The Herb can be obtained in most levels at towns. It costs 30g. Shops have an unlimited stock.

In Change the Current (Quest 8, Southern Route), you can only buy one herb from the north town. After that, there will be no more herbs there until the current is returned to normal. After the current is changed back to normal, the shop will receive a new shipment of herbs.

On Hero's Departure (Quest 1) there is a single herb inside the boat that is east of the first town.

Half Minute Hero 2

Goddess Room Description


"Take this and you will be fully restored. We promise we won't give this to your opponents."


Herb has same effect the the original games but resembles the pricey herb more.


Like the first game the herb can be found in various shops and towns also still costing 30g It still has unlimited supply.