Francisca and her collection.

Francisca is a weapons collector evil lord who appears in Half-Minute Hero and Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming.

Role in Half-Minute Hero

Francisca is encountered during Quest 28: Infinite Weapon Lord while attempting to cast the Spell of Destruction. However she is also searches for two powerful weapons to add to her collection, the Giant Axe and the Sea Spear. If the Hero fails to obtain the weapons in under fifteen seconds Francisca will locate them and use them against the Hero.

Role in The Second Coming

Francisca reappears during Hero 30: Judgement Quest 16: "Hero Castle, Engage" having returned along with the other Evil Lords. Yusha and his allies encounter her on a bridge as they make their way towards Evil Lord Degash. She steals the the Holy Sword Castle-Leg needed to operate the Hero castle and runs to her home. Yusha apprehends her and she agrees to return what she stole if he can defeat her in a fight, which he does. After Degash is defeated Francisca appears in the Hero Castle. Claiming that although she may be evil, she has no desire to destroy the world as it would destroy her weapons along with it. She then offers her weapon crafting abilities to Yusha in exchange for boarding in the Hero Castle, where she can be found for the rest of the game.


  • She has a very youthful appearance and is referred to as 'Little Girl' before her identity is revealed.
  • Her special attack is Weapon Rush, which causes weapons to fall from the sky.


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