Fire Starter is the fourth level in the "Hero 30" mode of Half Minute Hero. It is the first level that leads to two separate routes. Additionally it i the first level to include a member of the Bandit Trio.

Level 4: Fire Starter
Title 1: Woods Guard Defeat Larrie in the northern Cave
Title 2: Fasting Complete the stage without eating any food (Herbs do not count)
Evil Lord Yogaf
Companion Cecilia
Reward Barrel Armor from the Forest Geezer

Level guide

Standard Run: Buy an Herb in the village directly in front of you. If you wish to get the Fasting title, remember to come back to this village to purchase Herbs. Collect 100G and purchase the Rock Axe in the northwest village. Talk to the woman named Cecilia here. Collect 150G and purchase the Barrel Head from the first village and then head northwest to the cave. Make sure you are at least level 6 before fighting Larrie in the cave. Don't bother dashing, just fight normally. Heal when your health drops below 20. Return and buy another Herb from the village and talk to Cecilia, who will join you for your battle against Yogaf. Dash to the Evil Lord Yogaf's castle and dash into him until he dies. Doing this will net you some Barrel Armor and the Woods Guard title and you will head to the north to the "Through the Forest" level.

Alternatively, you can ignore the forest fire and just defeat Yogaf. Level 10 or above is recommended. Doing this will cause you to take the south route, which leads to the "Through the Cave" level. Regardless of which route you take you will receive Barrel Armor.

Speed Run: This level is quite difficult to speed run, with a demanding target time of 30 seconds. Equip the Bug Swatter from the previous level before you begin. Buy an Herb from the village and exit. Dash immediately to the patch of forest nearby the castle; group of bees are the only enemys you'll encounter there, so leveling will be easy. Grind to level 7 in the forest, dashing through battles and healing when necessary. Upon reaching level 7, dash to the village, purchase the Rock Axe and defeat Larrie. Run back to the village and talk to Cecilia, who will join you for the battle against Yogaf. Heal up, buy another Herb if necessary and dash to Yogaf's castle and defeat him. If done correctly, you should finish barely under 30 seconds.

Half Minute Hero quest 4 in under 30 secs !!!!!!!!!!01:04

Half Minute Hero quest 4 in under 30 secs !!!!!!!!!!

This shows how to beat the level in under 30s and get the south route.

Half Minute Hero Speed run Quest 4 North Route Guide01:49

Half Minute Hero Speed run Quest 4 North Route Guide

This shows how to get the north route and the two challenges wood protector and fasting.

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