This stage is Quest 22 (PSP) or 23 (360, PC) in the Hero 30 mode of Half Minute Hero. It is reached by completing the previous quests Giant Evil Lord or The Have-nots. In turn it has two completion methods that split the quest route further, leading to either Turtle and Hermit or Golem Valley.

Beating this quest yields the Iron Armor.

Titles Edit

Save the town.
Beat the Evil Lord before the volcano erupts.

Level Guide Edit

The volcano at the north of the map erupts at 10:00 on the timer. This alters the quest in progress in two possible ways, and whether it is contained also determines the next quest.

If the volcano erupts without intervention, lava destroys the northern village and changes the route to the castle of Evil Lord Volcanon. If Hero is in a location that would be covered by lava he is automatically moved to safety, cancelling any battles in progress. However if the lava is contained, the northern village is saved which allows purchase of the Tiger Blade.

Regardless of the village's fate, if the Evil Lord is defeated before the volcano erupts, the Pre-Eruption title will be awarded.

The Northen Route - Turtle and Hermit
There are two caves to the west of the northern village. Adventuring through these provides access to enclosed areas with large rocks that need to be defeated in battle. This moves them to a position protecting the village; rewinding time does not move them back.
With both rocks moved, when the volcano erupts the lava will be redirected, providing a new route that leads to Turtle and Hermit. The villagers will return, allowing purchase of the Tiger Blade. Finally at the end of the quest the Rescue' title will be awarded.
The Eastern Route - Golem Valley
Simply choose not to save the village.
Speed Run
From the start, adventure and battle near the bridge by the northern village in order to gain levels faster. This will raise Hero to level 11 by the eruption; immediately buy two herbs from the southern village (eating one immediately). Then dash to the castle and continue to dash throughout the battle, using the herb when health becomes low, to finish the quest in approximately 28 seconds.

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