Courage Mountain is the sixth level (PSP)/seventh level (PC) of the "Hero 30" mode of Half Minute Hero. It takes place along the north route of the "Fire Starter" level.

Level 6: Courage Mountain
Title 1: Gorgeous Purchase the Lavish Mail
Title 2: Coward Beat the level at level 15 or higher
Evil Lord Deface
Companion None
Reward Bronze Lance from the Fire Tribe Youth

Level Guide

Standard Run: Both titles for this stage can be obtained in the same run, but will require a lot of grinding. Start by fighting until you reach around level 14 and head back to the starting area. Fight battles in the grassy areas as the birds there will give you a lot of money. Soon you will surpass level 15 and earn the Coward title. Once you reach 3000G, purchase the Lavish Mail and earn the Gorgeous title. Head back to the Fire Tribe village and talk to the old man. Heal up and dash eastwards. When prompted to cross the lava, answer "Yes". Enter the cave and when prompted to leave the Valor Medal be, answer "No". The enusing battle will be won in one hit, regardless of level. Dash back to the village and talk to the old man again. Dash to the northern monument and hit X. Dash to the castle and easily defeat the boss with your level 15+ character. Enjoy your Bronze Lance reward.

Speed Run: Running this level under the target time of 30 seconds will require some luck. Ignore the first village and dash directly to the Fire Tribe. Buy an Herb for healing and then buy another Herb for later. Dash to the lava and cross it, dash through the cave and then dash back to the Fire Tribe. Use your Herb and buy another one. Dash to the monument and activate it, then dash back to the village, use your herb and buy another one. Dash to the castle and with a little luck you will beat the boss.

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