Barbara is a reckless warrior and occasional Half-Minute Hero CompanionCompanion|companion]] to the Hero.She is first encountered during quest 7: Infinite Desert in which she has stolen a spear from a shop owner who begs the Hero to reason with her. She recognizes the danger imposed by Masnake and offers to help the Hero provided that he helps her pay for her stolen equipment. Despite working for money she is one of the Hero's most loyal allies and returns to aid him quest 25: Isolated Castle and even helps him for free during in quest 30: Last Battle


  • In the level Infinite Desert you must pay her 250G in order to have her as and assistant.
  • In Last Battle you just have to find her alongside other assistants. She is in the north part of the level in the same village as Richard.


  • Her name is a play on words of 'barbarian.'


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